Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stabilize Weight

Hope to stabilize his new weight lose weight begins with an intelligent, that is to say by avoiding duplicative wacky schemes throughout the year. This behavior comes into effect to encourage each time a return of fat faster and more important. Thus, as detailed in Dr Jacques Fricker, nutritionist, in his latest book Eat to lose weight well (Ed. Odile Jacob), it quickly regained the pounds when they were lost with a method unbalanced or frustrating

-A low-protein diet ("pineapple" or "cabbage soup") leads to muscle wasting, resulting in a rapid fall in energy expenditure and weight regain almost inevitable.
Diets high-fat and low carbohydrate ("Atkins") lead to the same phenomenon, albeit to lesser degree. In addition they increase the attraction for fat.
Diets-packed banned or too restrictive ("600 kcal / day) lead to frustration as, once the target is achieved and the plan terminated, we tend to rush to anything that was missing before.
-Schemes that impose undue hardship ("protein sachets") leave helpless when it comes to resume a normal diet.

Conclusion: Only a steady and gradual weight loss is the guarantee of a successful stabilization easy and sustainable.

Managing Stress:

For many, the stress is causing weight gain. We eat because you feel tense, nervous, anxious for the job, the family ... The question then urges that, even if they are difficult to control, will be disastrous on your stabilization. If you had grown especially close to eating the stress, for you will have to stabilize, stabilize, fight against this stress or at least against its effects.

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