Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks?

"Stretch marks are profound alterations in the dermis caused by a rapid increase of the skin," explains Dr. Philippe Abimelec. Pink streaks, more or less broad and more or less deep appear on the skin, hips, breasts, thighs and stomach, especially during pregnancy. With time and loss of weight, they seem lighter and thinner.

But pregnant women are not the only ones exposed. Any person suffering a sudden weight gain or a sudden growth can be exposed. This is particularly the case of some teenagers.
And, depending on the quality of their skin, some women are more vulnerable than others and redheads or blondes with very fair skin.

Limit the damage ...

Once installed, the stretch marks are indelible. However, we can try to prevent them, even before pregnancy.
"We must moisturize your skin with a cream every day" says Dr. Cohen, a gynecologist, and the oil three to four times a week. " Needless to find a specific formula stretch marks. There is no magic formula. Just marketing the arguments. Commodities (oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ ...) is plenty.

"Limiting weight gain is important," the gynecologist. Take nine to twelve pounds seems reasonable. Once established brands, we must of course continue to hydrate her skin. "Vitamin A acid slightly reduces stretch marks, said Dr. Abimelec, but it is absolutely cons-indicated in pregnant women.

Finally, the ultimate "solution": plastic surgery. It is sometimes recommended only on the belly, if it has suffered greatly. Ie when the skin, very stretched, do not retract.

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