Friday, October 8, 2010

Analyze Your Dream

Sleep is to dream. However we do not necessarily remember. And when we remember the dreams we sometimes seem strange or very absurd. But not that much!
When we sleep, we do all sorts of dreams, from simple to complex. Understand its meaning might be difficult. Dreams are our unconscious productions, ie the elements of our personality which we do not have access when we are awake. These elements recur night. But as these are often things that bother us, they appear to us "coded" in the form of dreams. If this coding did not exist, your worries and your fears will appear to you in clear and does not sleep. Pleasant or painful, the dreams you "work" then. That is why some may seem to you more fun than others. But ultimately the dream is simply the "guardian of sleep" as Freud said.

The advantage of analyzing dreams
In fact they are like a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. The understanding is a way to get better acquainted. The interpretation of dreams is also used in the context of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
You can achieve in a dream something you want or you have desired to be awakened: for these, no problems, you easily understand what they mean. As for more complicated dreams, they often use the symbols, and examining these symbols, so you can decode them in part.

The most common examples
- Dreaming of water is often very birth. Jump into the water in a dream is linked to the idea of childbirth: it may simply mean that you launch or is ready to launch you into a new project!
- The houses represent the people: when the covers are smooth, there are men and when they have balconies, they are women. The house also symbolizes balance, the structure of our personality, each piece evoking a facet of our personality. And dreams that made household indicates that cleaned up his ideas, sought to take stock.
- Dreaming of departure, travel or tunnel may mean that we dream of death.
- Siblings often appear as small animals or vermin. So do not crush it! Moreover, a person may hide another: a teacher or a boss in your dream may very well be in fact being your father or mother of a roundabout way.
- The tree evokes family, our roots. Losing teeth symbolizes castration, or a desire for transformation, according to the state of mind where you are.
- Finally, the contents of our dreams are often Sex and dreaming of sticks, stems, snakes, or weapons (like knives, guns) ... evoke male. Objects with rounded shapes and hollow symbolize the female sex. The ladder, the staircase, the key may represent the sex.

These are just some examples. The dream work does not depend only on the symbolic representation. Analyze your dreams but also reflect the personality and history of the dreamer

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