Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Mens Underwear

A first in underwear for men: an Australian company, the company has developed aussieBum underwear from banana fiber!
It may seem strange at first, but the benefits of banana fiber are many. First, it produces a completely natural fabric, is made from the bark of the banana. Also, the fiber of banana fiber is relatively easy to spin, the result provides silky, smooth and extremely comfortable as everyone comes to expect from the brand underwear high end. In fact, the banana fiber is now recognized as an ecologically minded, the most comfortable ever made, thus imposing a high standard for sustainable fabrics.
This banana variety is also 100% made in Australia - which guarantees a product and a superior design and durable in terms of the environment, typically Australian. All things considered, it seems that the team aussieBum has, once again, put your finger on it, since research shows that consumers demand more sustainable products and environmentally friendly, and in larger amounts.

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