Friday, December 10, 2010


This is a fact, the trends of this season all come from existing objects: bow tie, shirt, jeans, duffle coat, braces or trapper. We can dress making a lot of Recycling. Here is an item that you may be lucky enough to find in the attic of your parents (or grandparents): Jacquard sweater. First, where does this name?
From the invention of the Jacquard loom by man of the same name in 1801. This loom allowed a single worker manipulates the machine itself, so an efficiency gain. Then another potential advantage in terms of creation, since it has also allowed for reasons far more complicated. Over the years we expanded it to a way to knit the stitch. Until today it is associated in the mountains or the sea season we suggest an evolution of eyes on this ground that becomes more common. We offer here a selection of articles on the neo-trend. Easier to bear because the more discreet, round neck sweater comes in several shades of jacquard more or less eccentric. It ranges from simple two-color uniform pattern with at Norse Projects at very detailed in Woolrich , through the true fisherman's sweater from Topman . An idea: it may be carried on a beige chinos rolled up to look very seaworthy. Jacquard is also available in jackets and cardigans. It throws the same! But be careful not to drift into excess in the range. Ben Sherman is part of a white waistcoat with blue patterned to look very simple and chic. The two are neck cardigans following: one from Levi's and one in Farah . The latter still contains a motif very mountainous and displays bold colors ... handle with care!

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