Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nice Guys Talents

Being "nice" often reflects a lack of confidence. Being too nice does not create ATTRACTION instead it scares away girls. By behaving the way a girl thinks he's hiding behind your "kindness" is something wrong and unnatural. The good guy tries to do too much and thus seems to lack confidence with himself. His excessive kindness reflects a lack of confidence in him. Indeed, why would you be kind to a girl you've just met? Why should you change your schedule at the last minute just to see this girl? Why you would buy presents for the girl while you are not able to give flowers to your mother for Mother's Day? In fact, the nice guy in need in your childhood, you remember when you were nice? In most cases, you were nice to get something, for example a new toy, pocket money etc. .. ... you show a lot nicer than your usual. In the Game of Seduction, this excess of kindness and reflects a state of need: the guy shows himself so nice to get something. In addition, the "nice guys" are often annoying ... By dint of being too nice, the nice garçont becomes drunk, he offers no challenges or challenge, raises no mystery or adventure. It quickly becomes boring and annoying when he tries to fill his boredom by being more thoughtful, more helpful, therefore even more annoying.

-The nice guys are not real women are not attracted by the nice guys they are attracted to bad boys because they have their eyes much more natural and sincere in their behavior. The bad boys do not care about the opinions of others, they act according to their desires and their only desire. They know what they want and thus show great confidence in them. Women looking for men who have confidence in them.

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