Monday, September 27, 2010

Drugs - Cigarette Smoking

You smoked for a while now and then, suddenly; the urge took you to stop. You're happy to take this resolution earlier this year but having said that you do not know if you go it alone and the first time. Some advice ...
Quitting smoking is an important decision. If this is your guy or your girl to beg you to stop, it may danger and not walks. By cons, if it is you who make the decision while (e) alone (e), the chances of success are greater. The will has much to do in smoking cessation. Sometimes it is enough, sometimes not. For some the desire is not everything. We must learn to get rid of certain habits (your little fag lunch with coffee ...), it is not easy. It should also be able to face certain fears, those swell, become irritable and unbearable being most common. These are legitimate fears but tell yourself that it's worth the fight, then you'll feel better. And the pounds, breaking everything, do you take 3 but in the long term your lungs will appreciate. Your life expectancy will increase, so it's worth it.

It's really nice, your lungs will be delighted, but you, how you going stop and do not immediately plunge? Practice?
The will is good, but depending on the stage of dependence you have reached the decision will be more or less difficult. If alone, you feel bad, you can choose to get help, it's not shame.
- Health professionals: if you talk about your desire to stop your doctor, he is happy and will support you no harm and give you valuable advice. You can also use a specialized consulting assistance to stop smoking, but get information on fares well in advance. You may also prefer moral support and decide to see a shrink. For you see, actually. But in any case not hesitate to nab the information by calling the Tobacco Information Service 0825309310 or surfing the Tobacco Information web site is well screwed.

- Aids "hard" are not neglected. Patches, nicotine substitutes, chewing gum, cigarettes and other plants ... help overcome the physical addiction to nicotine.
- If you get discouraged, remote up by calculating what you earn to quit (money, beauty, breathing capacity ...)
- Try to surround yourself as former smokers who successfully quit rather than pessimists who think that quitting is impossible.
- Make good gaff your diet emphasizing fruits and vegetables. On the one hand, it will prevent you from getting bloated, if you feared. On the other hand, it will do you regain a taste for simple pleasures. You just lose one, that however you cut your appetite, then it must compensate.

Finally, if you relapse, you worry, it's not because you do not succeeded the first time that you'll never get there. If you got time already passed, perhaps thee will arrive one day forever ... Good luck anyway!

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