Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wax Hair Removal

-The épillation bikini:
The bikini is the obligatory before any tanning session. Act often delicate, it requires some caution. This area is extremely sensitive subject to redness (so avoid the razor) and small inflammation. The friction also encourage the formation of ingrown hairs.

-The waxing of the legs:
Impossible not to spend! Pluck the legs from the summertime. The epidermis is not too fragile, you can use almost any method. Beware, however: laser technology will not suit all skin types (light or too dark skins).

-Epilating the underarms:
The underarm is a crucial test before start summer beauty. A pretty dress loses its charm if it focused on underarm hair or wool. Sensitive area par excellence, this part of the body blushed easily. Make the right choice to avoid any inflammation!

-Epilation of down:
Very prominent, fly most often embarrasses women's hair growth. If you are not satisfied with the results of the discoloration, you can opt for hair removal: Do not, however, all hair removal techniques that can leave lasting scars.

-Epilation of eyebrows:
It is not easy to draw the line himself of his eyebrows. The tweezers is the best weapon to get a beautiful look. Isabelle Tran, Guinot beauty therapist at the Institute brings you some tips:
- Disinfect your weekly tweezers.
- Pull out your eyelid to limit the pain.
- Epilate too much, and never the hair from above your eyebrows.
- To relieve the tautness, put talc.
- If you're clumsy appointment with a beautician!

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