Friday, October 29, 2010

Attraction Matters Of Enyzmes

Hello pals. How are you all? I hope all are doing well. here I am also doing well. I am very much happy to see you all here once again. Here I am going to talk about the attraction towards both the genders. The attraction is making them to mate each others. Enzymes are the only thing is doing all these."When the pheromone signal increases, two enzymes in the cell compete, one adding and deleting the other chemical modification on a protein called STE5, develops Prof. Michnick, who noted that when the threshold critical signaling pheromones is reached, one of the enzymes eventually gain the upper hand on the ability of the other to change STE5, triggering a sudden cascade of chemical messages are transmitted to the cell to indicate that the time has come mating.
These results were achieved through the collaboration of the physicist Peter Swain, of McGill Universityand the University of Edinburgh , and his postdoctoral researcher Shahrezaei Vahid, now a lecturer atImperial College London UK . They were able to describe in effect with any mathematical precision how this phenomenon affects the decision to mating.

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