Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tips On Slimming

Lose some weight and keep it off, in theory, it's easy: just move more and eat healthy in smaller quantities. In practice, this may get tougher because sometimes you have to do with the sensation of hunger that our heels. A few simple tips to help you better control your cravings and / or your weight.
Sophie Thierry

- Choose the "natural appetite suppressant"
- Drink water freely
- Light products, strong allies
- Move, you eat less!
- If ... of hungry in the afternoon, enjoy!

Choose the "natural appetite suppressant"
Hungry putting himself at the table is a good thing, because you can eat with pleasure. However, being hungry between meals can be problematic if one yields to the temptation of snacking. To promote satiety while improving your nutritional balance, during the main meal, your privilege:
Foods rich in water and fiber, like fruits and vegetables, which have the power to satiate and delay the return of hunger. The ideal: at least 5 servings per day, spread over 4 meals;
grain products rich in carbohydrates and low glycemic index, which suddenly you feel fuller without varying the rate of insulin (and glucose) in blood. They will thus prevent the effect "pump shot";
dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese at 0%, satiating, rich in protein but low in fat.

Drink water ad libitum
Drink enough throughout the day is definitely a "slimming aid" to keep its shape or lose weight. Not only is water calorie-free, but it helps to "cleanse" the body. Two-step, three moves: fat burning, waste production and disposal.
In addition, certain mineral waters participate effectively in the coverage needs minerals and trace elements, often loss through dieting.
Finally, drinking water is an anti-snacking: taking repeated sips of water decreases short-term hunger and increases satiety, resulting in an effect of "decoy" for the organization. The ideal: at least one and a half liters of water per day.

Diet products, strong allies
Diet products can be a great help and useful in the context of a controlled diet to lose weight. Low-fat and / or sugars, they provide fewer calories than the products they replace. Thus, for example, if a quark to 40% brings 8 g fat and 115 kcal per 100 g, a white cheese at 0% provides only 0.2 grams of fat for 46 kcal.

The caloric reduction, however, must go hand in hand with a good balance between food and physical activity. The recipe: eat a varied, taking 3 meals a day plus possibly a snack, food preference and satiety "satietogenic" (which limits the sensations of hunger between meals) and those with high nutrient density (rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber) .

Move, you eat less!
To keep the line, it is necessary to expend energy through daily physical activity: walking, running, climbing stairs, everything is good, as long as you move! A minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day is recommended. Practiced regularly, the sport helps you to "sculpt" your body and is beneficial on a psychological level: it promotes the secretion of endorphins, hormones that provide a euphoric feeling of well-being. Better in your head, less nervous, this will help you avoid snacking due to stress.

If ... of hungry in the afternoon, enjoy!
When taken regularly and motivated by a physiological hunger, taste is a real mini-meals, as opposed to snacks (repeated food ingestion) that responds to boredom or simply to indulge. Snacking leads to excessive secretion of insulin, which promotes the development of energy reserves, a phenomenon implicated in weight gain.
If you opt for tea, remember that you can better distribute the calories in the day, to better resist snacking and lighter dinner. Provided, of course, that the taste is balanced, for example consisting of a cereal product, a dairy product, fruit and a drink. Gravely 16 hours!

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