Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Tips For Sport

When practicing a sport, everyone has his formula with his stuff. Many misconceptions. Some are harmless, others more dangerous, particularly those related to hydration.

1. An athlete needs to double its meat portions

False: While it is helpful to eat regularly, not least because it is a very good source of iron (whose needs are elevated in athletes), but a diet rich in meat does not increase muscle and does not improve performance.

2. You should eat lots of sugar when you do sport

False: the sugar between, of course, in the diet of the athlete. But beware of excesses, which can unbalance the diet and cause reactive hypoglycaemia and "soft patch".

3. During exercise, limit drinks to not have legs "cut"

False: inadequate fluid intake makes the contrary, the sport difficult and painful and may cause serious troubles.

4. Sport activity increases the need for magnesium
True: Magnesium is used for muscle contraction and metabolism of carbohydrates. An athlete has an interest in favor of foods high in magnesium (green leafy vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits nuts, chocolate ...), and some mineral waters rich in magnesium (H├ępar, Badoit, Contrex ...).

5. We recommend taking the vegetable broth after a sporting event

True: it is a great way to rehydrate, while helping the body replenish its mineral reserves.

6. Coffee helps improve athletic performance

False: The caffeine provided by coffee stimulates alertness and can sometimes improve reflexes. But at high doses (varies with individuals), it can also cause headaches, nausea, tachycardia ...

Note: caffeine dose pharmacological could save the glycogen, by mobilizing free fatty acids. Therefore it is now listed on the doping list: the allowed threshold (12 mg / ml) to distinguish consumption "normal" for a pharmacological management.

7. To increase muscle strength, it is helpful to add protein powder to food

False: muscles grow primarily through physical activity. And in a well-balanced diet, protein intake is ample, even for athletes.

8. You need to consume dried fruits
True: they are an excellent energy snack with their easily digestible natural sugars. They provide, in addition, valuable minerals for muscle activity (especially potassium and magnesium). To consume without hesitation!