Friday, December 31, 2010

Parallel Worlds

We do not all live in one world and we do not all live in the same time. All the difficulties and impossibilities of communication sometimes just that. To free the space of parallel worlds and times if you can tell, there is a possibility, a force, an incredible opportunity and poorly known, ridiculed, often forgotten, principle of the mystical order, spiritual alchemy, and whose name AMOU R.
And I think this parallel world where I was before you, before the knowledge I have of you and the consciousness of your existence will teach me a different awareness of another world, parallel world of me with you After a world where I was without you. Your eyes would be a parallel world that join mine and AMOU R. The glory of loving and being loved could shine as the most beautiful star of a parallel universe. Your words are the planets would parallel their movement, rhythmic and harmonious ballet forever. Love sustainable, that's life within life. Sustainable Love is not love that lasts, but love making things last and the last being that makes life, makes LIVE against anything that might kill him. That is what it is to love what it's like life, is it for me to love you like I love you. A creature on the planet, born in stars like you, somewhere in time that would love to be your love.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nice Guys Talents

Being "nice" often reflects a lack of confidence. Being too nice does not create ATTRACTION instead it scares away girls. By behaving the way a girl thinks he's hiding behind your "kindness" is something wrong and unnatural. The good guy tries to do too much and thus seems to lack confidence with himself. His excessive kindness reflects a lack of confidence in him. Indeed, why would you be kind to a girl you've just met? Why should you change your schedule at the last minute just to see this girl? Why you would buy presents for the girl while you are not able to give flowers to your mother for Mother's Day? In fact, the nice guy in need in your childhood, you remember when you were nice? In most cases, you were nice to get something, for example a new toy, pocket money etc. .. ... you show a lot nicer than your usual. In the Game of Seduction, this excess of kindness and reflects a state of need: the guy shows himself so nice to get something. In addition, the "nice guys" are often annoying ... By dint of being too nice, the nice garçont becomes drunk, he offers no challenges or challenge, raises no mystery or adventure. It quickly becomes boring and annoying when he tries to fill his boredom by being more thoughtful, more helpful, therefore even more annoying.

-The nice guys are not real women are not attracted by the nice guys they are attracted to bad boys because they have their eyes much more natural and sincere in their behavior. The bad boys do not care about the opinions of others, they act according to their desires and their only desire. They know what they want and thus show great confidence in them. Women looking for men who have confidence in them.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi buddies. How are you all? i hope all are doing well. Here I am also doing well. I am very much glad to meet you all here once again. Here I am going to talk about horoscope for lovers. On the eve of Valentine's Day I saw a service provided by the Yahoo site: "To judge the compatibility between a man and a woman, it is obviously necessary to establish the detailed birth charts, and define the characteristics and trends of each party . This complex task is the responsibility of the professional astrologer. However, it is possible to quickly review the relationship between lovers probable signs of the Zodiac. This case is to state briefly the modes of understanding and possible points of friction between natives and natives from the different signs. " Have a look on this page to test your relationship and come tell me if it corresponds to reality.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Desire Between Dream And Reality

In psychology, Desire is a voltage from a shortage and in this sense we desire only what is missing. The purpose tends to be regarded as a source of satisfaction for oneself or another individual extension. Desire is sometimes viewed positively as an engine, sometimes viewed negatively as a source of suffering, a form of dissatisfaction. Going beyond the concepts of duality of desire (dissatisfaction <-> satisfaction), it appears that the momentum of desire would be twofold. It acts primarily as a reinforcement of our sexuality in a broad sense that includes the identity, the body's way of being in the world. On the other hand it acts as a creator of a transpersonal reality. The desire goes beyond the notion of otherness (the recognition of others and their differences) to achieve resonance at a mutual shared experience, a common reality. In the momentum of desire to another, there is a twofold process, the subjectivity of desire (by the internal frame of reference) and the objectification of desire (for the external frame of reference).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Mens Underwear

A first in underwear for men: an Australian company, the company has developed aussieBum underwear from banana fiber!
It may seem strange at first, but the benefits of banana fiber are many. First, it produces a completely natural fabric, is made from the bark of the banana. Also, the fiber of banana fiber is relatively easy to spin, the result provides silky, smooth and extremely comfortable as everyone comes to expect from the brand underwear high end. In fact, the banana fiber is now recognized as an ecologically minded, the most comfortable ever made, thus imposing a high standard for sustainable fabrics.
This banana variety is also 100% made in Australia - which guarantees a product and a superior design and durable in terms of the environment, typically Australian. All things considered, it seems that the team aussieBum has, once again, put your finger on it, since research shows that consumers demand more sustainable products and environmentally friendly, and in larger amounts.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


The iPad landed on planet Earth last spring. There ensued a debate on its true purpose: Remote Area, digital diary, gadget apple ... See for yourself. But it is clear that like the other toys Apple iPad is also something that you love accessorizing!

What is it that you "accessorize" an object? Its value first. Plus it's expensive, it protects more. The fragile then. Everyone freaked to see a long flash of a thin crack across the screen of his brand new Apple device. So when the screen is almost 10 inches as is the case for the iPad, the flip is total. Here are purely related to the physical object, its cost and the image we have of it.

But unlike the iPhone, accessories iPad greatly influence its use. For example, for those who own or have used an iPad, a simple observation is obvious: it is much more convenient to use iPad leaving his place on a medium to hold it at arm's length. Even if we can keep it that way, the weight and size of the equipment does not facilitate its use over time. Therefore, most of the shells and cases include iPad (or should include) a system that allows you to do stand upright.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midnight in Paris perfume

Midnight in Paris perfume was directly inspired by a watch from the house of the same name. A pink gold watch that has what is called a "poetic complication. This allows, wherever you are in the world, watching the exact position of the stars in the sky of Paris. Midnight in Paris perfume came out last September that same round again and this universe of starry night. The top notes are light, fruity, are composed of bergamot, lemon and rosemary. But it retains its character especially in East with heart notes of leather and muguet and base of amber, incense and tonka bean. Midnight in Paris perfume is an elegant, intense, sensual, and personally I like a lot!

Friday, December 10, 2010


This is a fact, the trends of this season all come from existing objects: bow tie, shirt, jeans, duffle coat, braces or trapper. We can dress making a lot of Recycling. Here is an item that you may be lucky enough to find in the attic of your parents (or grandparents): Jacquard sweater. First, where does this name?
From the invention of the Jacquard loom by man of the same name in 1801. This loom allowed a single worker manipulates the machine itself, so an efficiency gain. Then another potential advantage in terms of creation, since it has also allowed for reasons far more complicated. Over the years we expanded it to a way to knit the stitch. Until today it is associated in the mountains or the sea season we suggest an evolution of eyes on this ground that becomes more common. We offer here a selection of articles on the neo-trend. Easier to bear because the more discreet, round neck sweater comes in several shades of jacquard more or less eccentric. It ranges from simple two-color uniform pattern with at Norse Projects at very detailed in Woolrich , through the true fisherman's sweater from Topman . An idea: it may be carried on a beige chinos rolled up to look very seaworthy. Jacquard is also available in jackets and cardigans. It throws the same! But be careful not to drift into excess in the range. Ben Sherman is part of a white waistcoat with blue patterned to look very simple and chic. The two are neck cardigans following: one from Levi's and one in Farah . The latter still contains a motif very mountainous and displays bold colors ... handle with care!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dress Code At Dinner Time

The second type of another great evening of New Year's Eve is to come together around a good meal with friends nearby, a few candles lighting up the table. The configuration is in this case, completely different. Although we always scrupulously avoids the white shirt, you can still dress more class. I'm pretty for the return of the turtleneck (gray or black) who unfortunately bad reputation, worn under a jacket in wool cuffed short. The ideal is flannel trousers, which is both warm and comfortable. I would advise to play it too posh. We forget the tie , the bow tie and it also avoids the black shoes.

I return to this story white shirt. Just yesterday evening, the restaurant, seized with a desire to go to the bathroom, I go to the back of the room, I met a server and innocently asks where the toilet. Problem, this young man was not a server. Why did I take for a server? I guessed, because he wore a white shirt. Another example that proves that wearing a white shirt to a restaurant or host a meal is not a good idea. This remark is also valid for the Blackshirts.

The risk of a meal with friends, drinking glass is glass and get up in the middle of the night to see all the tables turn around and invite friends to dance the shy one of your friends This will make everyone uncomfortable. We must therefore try to keep your cool (if not, you can still join the party apart, as described above).

Friday, December 3, 2010

Men Underwear

I watched a little blog and I was wondering what kind of clothes as we talked about most often:
- Boxer: cutting the most popular being the boxer short, as the tropic boxster. I often show pictures, especially c-in2
- Brief: again become very fashionable. He no longer has the image of grandpa in underwear. It is more hipster, the flagship model is the hip brief, and all trademarks are full: Go Softwear, Aussiebum, Andrew Christian.
- Bikini: it's a little woman like term, but it became a term for men my thanks to brands like N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, Vizeau
- Tanga: the slip with just a rubber band makes. The flagship brand is Mundo Unico
- String: I do not mean the masses because of the string for my men. Yet given the latest poll, you wear them often. There is the G-string and the G-string. N2N, Manstore, Lookme, HOM with the pen. There has very cute, very sexy and very vulgar.
- Jockstrap: under clothing for athletes. It leaves the bare buttocks and is very popular in the gay community. Before there was the bike brand that dominated the market with models with big belts, ugly, unpleasant matters a little knitting, now all brands have their model: Calvin Klein, N2N, Andrew Christian and the fly front, Go Softwear. ..