Saturday, January 15, 2011

How To Invest In Golds

The gold price fluctuates to CT and it goes up, down, up ... It is very difficult to buy at the best time.
A purchasing strategies of the simplest but most effective is as follows:
• Have a goal to LT. As for example, want a quantity equivalent to one kilogram or 10% of its assets.
• Not wanting to achieve this objective LT overnight, but set a échéange. In ten years, for pension purposes, the majority of my children ...
• N 'not to allocate your gold purchases an amount that you request a financial effort too great. You may be financially out of breath.
• Allocate a sum of money sufficient and continuous monthly that reflects your circumstances.
• If the amount available for your purchase is small, it does not matter. For example, if you can save 50 Euros per month, each quarter you can buy a napoleon.
• If your budget is lower than 50 € / month, miss the gold and buy silver coins.
• Keep constant the amount available and always buy each month. Some months the price will be higher and lower in other months; LT, your purchases will be made at an average price.
• If for some reason or another, the amount saved for a month is not allocated, see the money next month.
• Conversely, do not delay your savings (as far as possible) because it is impossible to Souvant make up lost time.
• If you are a smoker, here is a wonderful opportunity to stop. Invest cigarette money in gold coins. It's good for your health and morale. You can proudly show that your collection of gold coins is the fruit of your desire to quit.
Investing in gold is not a sprint; it's a race to the bottom and those who smoke more wins.