Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dress Code At Dinner Time

The second type of another great evening of New Year's Eve is to come together around a good meal with friends nearby, a few candles lighting up the table. The configuration is in this case, completely different. Although we always scrupulously avoids the white shirt, you can still dress more class. I'm pretty for the return of the turtleneck (gray or black) who unfortunately bad reputation, worn under a jacket in wool cuffed short. The ideal is flannel trousers, which is both warm and comfortable. I would advise to play it too posh. We forget the tie , the bow tie and it also avoids the black shoes.

I return to this story white shirt. Just yesterday evening, the restaurant, seized with a desire to go to the bathroom, I go to the back of the room, I met a server and innocently asks where the toilet. Problem, this young man was not a server. Why did I take for a server? I guessed, because he wore a white shirt. Another example that proves that wearing a white shirt to a restaurant or host a meal is not a good idea. This remark is also valid for the Blackshirts.

The risk of a meal with friends, drinking glass is glass and get up in the middle of the night to see all the tables turn around and invite friends to dance the shy one of your friends This will make everyone uncomfortable. We must therefore try to keep your cool (if not, you can still join the party apart, as described above).