Monday, January 17, 2011

Money Brings Happiness To Jewelers

Silver jewelry do they forget the crisis of gold jewelry? At Moissac, Jean-Fran├žois Pru has installed its watch and jewelry shop 35 years ago. In his case, he gives pride of small silver jewelry. And for good reason, these are the products that sell best. The gold products undergo them hit by the dramatic increase in the price of gold, almost 60% increase in three years.
The French have bought almost all the jewelry in 2009 than last year but the average purchase price has reached its lowest level in 10 years because of the crisis that also took in money at the expense of gold. The decline in value of gold jewelry (-4%) was partly offset by the new surge in sales of silver jewelry (+7%). (Annual survey conducted by Company, 5, has said its director Hubert Lapipe at a press conference organized by the professional development of timepieces, jewelry, jewelry and silverware and arts of the table at the beginning of the month).