Monday, November 22, 2010

The Escholtzia

Hi friends. How are you all? I hope everything is going fine. Here I am also doing well. I am very much happy to see you all here once again. Here I am going to talk about the beautiful plant which is very useful for human life.
C? Is a beautiful plant with yellow flowers characteristic that is native to California, where it covers large areas near the redwood forest. L? Escholtzia is part of the same family as the poppies

Originally from California,? L? Escholtzia was introduced in Europe in the nineteenth century as an ornamental by JF Escholtz, Russian botanist. The Indians used the sap of this plant for its analgesic properties, particularly in cases of toothache.

L? L? Escholtzia alkaloids such as protopine and Group of Pavin which confers regulatory properties in case of nervousness and? Agitation before? Sleep.

The Escholtzia is traditionally used to find a peaceful and restful sleep.