Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Desire Between Dream And Reality

In psychology, Desire is a voltage from a shortage and in this sense we desire only what is missing. The purpose tends to be regarded as a source of satisfaction for oneself or another individual extension. Desire is sometimes viewed positively as an engine, sometimes viewed negatively as a source of suffering, a form of dissatisfaction. Going beyond the concepts of duality of desire (dissatisfaction <-> satisfaction), it appears that the momentum of desire would be twofold. It acts primarily as a reinforcement of our sexuality in a broad sense that includes the identity, the body's way of being in the world. On the other hand it acts as a creator of a transpersonal reality. The desire goes beyond the notion of otherness (the recognition of others and their differences) to achieve resonance at a mutual shared experience, a common reality. In the momentum of desire to another, there is a twofold process, the subjectivity of desire (by the internal frame of reference) and the objectification of desire (for the external frame of reference).

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