Saturday, December 18, 2010


The iPad landed on planet Earth last spring. There ensued a debate on its true purpose: Remote Area, digital diary, gadget apple ... See for yourself. But it is clear that like the other toys Apple iPad is also something that you love accessorizing!

What is it that you "accessorize" an object? Its value first. Plus it's expensive, it protects more. The fragile then. Everyone freaked to see a long flash of a thin crack across the screen of his brand new Apple device. So when the screen is almost 10 inches as is the case for the iPad, the flip is total. Here are purely related to the physical object, its cost and the image we have of it.

But unlike the iPhone, accessories iPad greatly influence its use. For example, for those who own or have used an iPad, a simple observation is obvious: it is much more convenient to use iPad leaving his place on a medium to hold it at arm's length. Even if we can keep it that way, the weight and size of the equipment does not facilitate its use over time. Therefore, most of the shells and cases include iPad (or should include) a system that allows you to do stand upright.

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