Friday, December 3, 2010

Men Underwear

I watched a little blog and I was wondering what kind of clothes as we talked about most often:
- Boxer: cutting the most popular being the boxer short, as the tropic boxster. I often show pictures, especially c-in2
- Brief: again become very fashionable. He no longer has the image of grandpa in underwear. It is more hipster, the flagship model is the hip brief, and all trademarks are full: Go Softwear, Aussiebum, Andrew Christian.
- Bikini: it's a little woman like term, but it became a term for men my thanks to brands like N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, Vizeau
- Tanga: the slip with just a rubber band makes. The flagship brand is Mundo Unico
- String: I do not mean the masses because of the string for my men. Yet given the latest poll, you wear them often. There is the G-string and the G-string. N2N, Manstore, Lookme, HOM with the pen. There has very cute, very sexy and very vulgar.
- Jockstrap: under clothing for athletes. It leaves the bare buttocks and is very popular in the gay community. Before there was the bike brand that dominated the market with models with big belts, ugly, unpleasant matters a little knitting, now all brands have their model: Calvin Klein, N2N, Andrew Christian and the fly front, Go Softwear. ..

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