Friday, December 31, 2010

Parallel Worlds

We do not all live in one world and we do not all live in the same time. All the difficulties and impossibilities of communication sometimes just that. To free the space of parallel worlds and times if you can tell, there is a possibility, a force, an incredible opportunity and poorly known, ridiculed, often forgotten, principle of the mystical order, spiritual alchemy, and whose name AMOU R.
And I think this parallel world where I was before you, before the knowledge I have of you and the consciousness of your existence will teach me a different awareness of another world, parallel world of me with you After a world where I was without you. Your eyes would be a parallel world that join mine and AMOU R. The glory of loving and being loved could shine as the most beautiful star of a parallel universe. Your words are the planets would parallel their movement, rhythmic and harmonious ballet forever. Love sustainable, that's life within life. Sustainable Love is not love that lasts, but love making things last and the last being that makes life, makes LIVE against anything that might kill him. That is what it is to love what it's like life, is it for me to love you like I love you. A creature on the planet, born in stars like you, somewhere in time that would love to be your love.

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