Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Fatigue

Fatigue during the winter is not a legend. There are objective reasons that make us more vulnerable and less active at this time of year. How can we fight the fatigue of the winter?

Fatigue of winter is mainly caused by two factors: the cold and reduced light. While the cold body work harder and weakens it, making it more vulnerable to disease, lack of light, it acts on melatonin. This hormone plays such as the balance of the sleep-wake cycles, and when its secretion is disturbed sleep, shorter or lower quality, is directly responsible for much of the weariness of winter.

To fight fatigue cons of winter, the same principles apply at any other time of year, but must be followed with greater rigor. To protect against the cold, the body must have sufficient reserves in particular. A regular diet, and very balanced, will be an excellent weapon against fatigue of winter: adequate intake of protein, fat but mostly carbohydrates and vitamins.

Fatigue of winter have been the subject of much research, we also know that when fatigue becomes too intense sessions of light therapy can significantly improve the condition of general form. Associated with good food and warm clothing (even inside), light therapy is an excellent solution fatigue cons of winter.

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