Monday, October 11, 2010

Healthy Skin Care

How to make yourself up when your skin is invaded by the buttons? Is it true that makeup favors the development of pimples? How to hide the redness and other imperfections? The solutions to stay beautiful while taking care of your skin!

Tip 1: Never break your buttons
Drill your buttons every morning, or scratching once made up, it's the best way to make it even more light ... Already, you risk permanent scarring. In addition, the strength of touch, you risk to deposit the germs if your hands are not clean. Result, it becomes irritated and blushed even more!

2nd tip: change your regular foundation
Check that your foundation is not too old because then it promotes the appearance of buttons. The ideal is to renew an annual basis.

3rd tip: removing makeup is essential!
Even if you did you too lazy to remove makeup every night, force yourself as this is the best way to push the buttons at night. And yes, if you do not let your skin breathe, you suffocate the pores are clogged and blow it encourages excess oil so the buttons ...

Acne, oily skin, skin that glitters ... What makeup to choose?
Well love you put 3 tons of makeup to hide your buttons? The problem is that some cosmetic products (creams, makeup) that you find in supermarkets promote breakouts and make your skin brighter because they grease your skin ... Obviously, this is not a reason not to make yourself up! Creams "tinted moisturizer" and those for "oily skin or acne" are preferable to conventional foundations that are too opaque and do not let your skin breathe.
Otherwise, it is best to use products with "tested non-comedogenic." You can find in drugstore or pharmacy: the foundation for smooth skin and powders for camouflaging effect. Thou shall few Euros more but at least they hide your buttons without favoring their appearance.
If your acne is really important, the best is yet to seek advice from your dermatologist.
Avoid: terra cotta sun and powders.

The correct sticks:
To camouflage locally buttons, rings or redness, correct sticks are very practical. Besides, you can bring it with you because it is small and convenient. Be careful to choose your color: a green stick tends to rectify the problems of skin redness and pimples while a concealed yellow orange blue correct dark circle.

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