Friday, October 1, 2010

Quit Smoking

The smoking addictions were the win right now! Therefore put forward the success% drop the cigarette with which they juggle.
Stop smoking, anyone can do. After it depends how long it takes! For beyond the will, the method to which you're going to have to take refuge necessarily a big importance and do not know all the same degree of success. A quick look ...

The pill-control, well known as Zyban (which protects neither pregnancy nor of acne: it's just the derivative of an antidepressant!;), Would be the number one method to quit smoking. But beware, it does not mean that it works every time: in detail it appears that 46% of smokers switching to this pill has held up after 2 months ... They are 21% to survive without the fag end of a year. If you want to give it a shot, going by your doctor because it requires a prescription.
-Another method tested and approved: the patches. The success rate is lower for 2 months compared to Zyban since only 30% of patients take the shot. After one year the difference is cup as they are about 15% at best to be smoke free. Less well but better than nothing.
The nicotine-gum: the results are significantly higher (about 20%). The advantage would be that it occupies its mouth and you respond "actively" in the crucial moments where the lack is felt.

In tears!
-It appears that the best way to quit is still going through consultations and tobacco group therapy. 27% success over a year, as well as Zyban. That said, be in consultation implies that we can also take alternative. But clearly to have followed up with a "pro" and a good relationship "therapeutic" helps a lot ...Only problem: smoking cessation services are generally overwhelmed!
-The so-called "self care", ie stop all alone without medical support (but allowing oneself to apply methods given in books for example) running 10 to 19% depending various studies. Not bad anyway if you got the will.

The "alternative" methods.
-Hypnosis and acupuncture. French society smoking cessation clearly announces color: there is no evidence of effectiveness and will not recommend them for reasons not "ethical". In fact we must understand that their taste there are too many charlatans ... Hypnotists announce their side to 60% success rate. We understand the difference in perspective! ;)
-Behavioral methods ... The principle is a bit of conditioning yourself for not smoking (for caricature: did you want to turn you a fag? Files you're a slap!). Like a real therapy with a psychiatrist, the smoking addiction are also not very hot on the long-term effectiveness. Everything depends on the quality of your relationship with the psychiatrist ... Not sleep with anyway!
To conclude, so there are methods that work better than others but each case is particular ...

A vaccine against nicotine?
* A vaccine that attacks anti-nicotine addiction therefore has been presented by Swiss researchers. It is injected into the body of bacteriophages that attach to and neutralize nicotine before it reaches the brain.According Dr.Cornuz part of the team of scientists, 40% of smokers were vaccinated completely stopped smoking for at least 6 months. Despite these positive results, this vaccine is still being tested. If all goes well, it could be sold in 2010.

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