Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Clove.

The clove is the dried buds of the flower of the clove. This tree is native to Indonesia. It is still cultivated in Indonesia, Africa and Madagascar.

Known in Europe since the Middle Ages, cloves has always enjoyed a great reputation as a flavoring. A very expensive spice which is used to flavor sauces and some pastries.

Clove essential oil contains mainly rich in eugenol and other terpene compounds.

The ET Clove is endowed with many blessings that employs, for aromatherapy, used internally and externally.

Essential oil of clove is used for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory urinary and digestive infections. Its stimulating power is used to fight against the physical and mental fatigue.

Externally, the analgesic and anti inflammatory powerful and confirmed the essences of cloves are widely utilized to combat dental pain and inflammation of the oral cavity.
It is also used to disinfect all types of skin wounds.

Moreover, the essence of cloves is a component of many cosmetic care products such as deodorant sprays and lotions

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